Our innovative products:

Building Automation (BA) stands for the modern building automation solution.

Energy Management (EM) realizes  the necessary energy procurement management.

BuildingAutomation (BA)

Product overview:

CUB 100 

The efficient controller for an intelligent spread control

PAT 100

The flexible connection module

MIO 100

MULTI I/O: The compact module for the connection of a large number of common technologies

POW 100

The intelligent power supply unit for stabilizing and monitoring electricity supply 


EnergyManagement (EM)

Product overview:

EM 210

The smart combination of recording, storage and visualization of the purchased electricity as well as injected currents

EM 300

This compact unit is designed for industry applications and fulfill the desire for a distributed database concept

Smart heater

Our intelligent water heater with locally produced power. Plug & play energy optimization.

With the sensor bar, currents in a.c. networks of up to 63 A can be measured. This permits power measurement and output of, for example, the real energy of individual consumers in low-voltage networks


Our efficient solution for your home

Smart Heater
Intelligent water heating with locally produced power. Plug & play energy optimization.